Problems in a color box after upgrading to 1.9.2 !

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    After upgrading to 1.9.2,

    A box of my graphene theme become blue.

    See it, my blog is :

    On the top right, look at the little box ” S’abonner au bulletin ” => It is in BLUE !

    Before upgrading to 1.9.2, this box was in GREY.

    How to return to my default color ? Or how to change manually the color of this box/icon in the graphene options ? I haven’t found… 🙁

    Please help me and thanks for your work !




    We’ve noticed this issue and it has already been resolved. The fix will be available in Graphene 1.9.3. If you are comfortable with editing theme files, you can replace graphene/includes/theme-head.php with the updated one here –



    Ok thanks… it works.

    All my boxes return to grey, except one.

    I just report for you, for your next update, if you don’t know.

    There is still an issue for the box for widget ” search “.

    In my blog (right middle), on the box ” Rechercher “, there is still a strange box in blue.

    Sorry for my english.


    In my blog (right middle), on the box ” Rechercher “, there is still a strange box in blue.




    Hello Prasanna,

    I have the same problem buttons incl. “search button” stay in the theme default original blue.

    See here:

    When adjusting the code is accepted but shows blue test button after save and refresh.

    I took your advise from your post above and replaced graphene/includes/theme-head.php with –

    The result was that the whole theme is not working anymore and just shows the theme default background image.

    Can you give me some advise please as I reluctant to upgrade 5 other websites which run the graphene theme.




    Try replacing the contents of theme-head-php with this RAW file –



    Hi Prasanna

    same problem of blue button on my site since 1.9.2.

    its on a rss submit button in a php code widget (i can send you the code if needed)

    For the theme color i am using a child theme.

    i have try to change theme-head.php for

    and for

    but nothing work no change after empty cache and refresh.

    If you can help me ?





    @watoo, since you’ve moved generated CSS to child theme, updating theme-head.php alone will not make any difference. You have to move the generated CSS again to child theme.



    One more time… Thanks Prasanna, it’s working.

    PJ Prepper


    when will 1.9.3 be released? My search button is blue as well., but I’m comfortable just waiting on the new release which hopefully will resolve the issue

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