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  • Mariana Bispo


    Good Evening, I am trying to create three columns in the footer, but this is virtually impossible, I’ve been in theme options and changed to display the number of three columns, but still does not work, what happens is that you can see it (the window twitter goes to the line below): (Thanks in advance. Kisses



    Try going to your admin -> appearance -> graphene options -> “display” tab -> footer widget display options

    Set this number to 3.

    Then, in your widgets area in your admin panel, put three widgets into your footer widget area.



    By the way, all your menu items have a double http:// in their links… rendering all your menu links to the wrong page.

    You might want to look at how these are being created.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you alter the theme’s style sheet or any of its files? (You shouldn’t really; you want to create a child theme.)

    Mariana Bispo


    Thank you for your attention for the quick response. Josh I’ve done it all and nothing to change and stay with the three columns.

    kenneth I probably should have changed something and can not reverse it.

    how can I make it back to normal?

    Thank you.

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