Problems after updating 1.9.2

  • Rosy


    I updated my graphene theme to 1.9.1 and code appeared at the top of every page & post and my links page was disrupted, and the style sheet disappeared. So I restored my 1.8 version.

    When I searched on the forum and found that 1.9.2 was available I tried again. This time there was no code and everything seemed fine including my page for links but then I found the page was disrupted the next day?…any suggestions?

    I have screen captures of the look of the links page before and after the update:






    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks fine to me. Did you get this sorted?

    Why do you have a 404.php in your child theme?

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    Sorry – I thought I’d posted in the support area

    No the problem is not solved

    the first screen capture is with 1.8 version and is good

    the second one shows empty grey boxes and missing category titles and overly spaced out bullet lists in my links page…I restored version 1.8 again after seeing this problem – the site is often used by the studio’s clients and I can’t leave something broken up while I problem solve.

    Regarding the 404 – I had planned to customize a 404 page but that is not an issue to my awareness.

    Thanks for any asisstance you can provide,



    Kenneth John Odle


    It is difficult to diagnose without seeing it live.

    Did you see this thread:

    which was posted earlier?

    Did you make your changes via the theme options, or via a child theme? If you edited theme files directly (including style.css) you will lose your changes when you update. If that’s the case, they are permanently gone at this point unless your host does an auto-backup.

    Regarding the 404 – I had planned to customize a 404 page but that is not an issue to my awareness.

    It actually is an issue if someone types the URL in wrong, because it’s throwing a syntax error. You might want to temporarily remove it until you get it set up.

    Sorry – I thought I’d posted in the support area

    You were actually in the “General Talk” section, which is for, well, general talk. No probs, it happens all the time. People tend not to see your post unless it’s in the actual “Support” part of the support forum.





    Hi Ken,

    Yes I saw that thread and did try the download and manual installation of the zip folder through my backend of WP. Yes I have made my customizations to the site via my child theme.

    I have now done this a second time and the result was the same on the links page.

    Since this problem is on the links page I de-activated the plugin: “WP Render Blogroll Links” and re-activated it and the problem that was there with missing info and empty boxes on the page is gone.

    Thanks for the head’s up on the 404 page – I have removed it from the child theme files.

    I have resolved the issue




    Looks like I spoke too soon – the problem is back – I am wondering if the Graphene theme is no longer working with the WP Render Blogroll Links plugin?…

    Should I just go back to graphene version 1.8 and forget any future updates? These links are important on this site but the page is now a mess:

    any help is appreciated!




    Kenneth John Odle


    Not updating will leave your site vulnerable to security concerns in the future.

    When was the last time that plugin was updated? Can its function be replicated with WordPress functions, Graphene functions, or another plugin?

    If that’s just a page of links, why not just add them to the page itself? Do these change on a regular basis? What exactly is your end goal for this page?



    the original idea was to have different link categories that fed different pages but I like your idea of just creating a page of normal links – thanks!

    Off goes the WP Render Blogroll Links plugin…I guess the fewer plugins you use the less likely you are to have problems.

    Thanks again,


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