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    I’m french and I m ahead of excuse for my English but my friend who translated google!

    When I put photos in an article from my pc, the picture appears in the slide show of home (slide show of the last 5 articles posted)

    In contrast, when the photo is one selected from the library, although the picture is displayed in the article but does NOT appear in the slide show of home.

    How do I change it, because the goal is that the various c using the blog administrator can reuse the pictures of the library and that is displayed in the slideshow of home!

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    wordpress: 3.1

    hoster: OVH



    help me please




    I’m french too 🙂

    I had the same problem. When you had a photo from the library it doesn’t go in the Gallery of the article.

    The solution I founs is to install an extension called File-Galery. With that extension you can manage photos to add them to the article gallery and that works.

    If you don’t understand I can do an answer with more détails in French.


    Syahir Hakim


    To have the image in the gallery appear as the thumbnail for any post, set the image as the Featured Image for that post/page.

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