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  • peterroche


    On my website (, using the ‘Pages Link To’ plugin, I have set up a number of pages that display the posts from a particular category. If there are a considerable number of posts in the category there is an ‘older posts’ link at the end of the page. That link directs to: regardless of what category I’m viewing and when I click it, it winds up returning me to the home page and not to the second page of the category. Any suggestions?



    Try WP-PageNavi. It is natively supported by Graphene Theme.



    Thank you for your help Prasanna. Installing the plugin hasn’t helped. Is there anything I should do to the code of the plugin to get it to work? Thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Take index.php out of your permalinks setup.



    I’d love to!! But whenever I delete ‘index.php’ from the custom permalinks settings none of the pages work!


    Kenneth John Odle


    There is definitely something weird going on there, thne. Probably a plugin conflict of some sort.



    That was exactly it! A ‘permalink fix & disable canonical redirects pack’ plugin was causing the problem. I can’t even remember why I had installed the plugin in the first place! Thank you for all your help

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