PRoblem with text input field of some apps

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    I have a problem using graphene in two areas:

    1. When I try to insert a link into a bbpress forum topic, the link field is not high enough and I cannot see the text that is entered.

    2. I’m using Mediapress and in the create album dialogue again the gallery name and description fields are not high enough and I cannot see what is being entered.

    I asked the Mediapress developer about this and he said this is set by the theme, sure enough when I set the theme to 2015 I get a full height text entry field and have no problems seeing the text.

    I have a test system set up so I can demonstrate the issue without any other plugins being loaded.

    Any idea how I can fix this?



    I fixed my problem! I used WPCustomiser Pro to change the padding for this particular fields. It’s a very interesting plugin.

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