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    I have been trying to link pages together with tags, but the tag links are not working. This is true for all posts, pages, and even the “tag cloud” at the bottom of my site. The Tag Cloud recognizes that some tags have been used many times, but only one post comes up whenever a tag is clicked.

    What I would like would be for the entire post of all posts with that tag to print on the page. (the same thing that occurs when a category button is pressed)

    My site is



    Syahir Hakim


    This is a bug in the particular version of the theme that you’re using. It has been addressed since.

    Just update the theme to the latest version and the issue should be fixed.



    Thank you, that worked great!

    Wow, a response in 3 minutes! I loved your theme already, and now you’ve won me over again.

    Thank you so much

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