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  • hommenomad


    Hi every one, i am a real beginner with wordpress, graphene and jigo shop and have no programming skills (yet but maybe with your help 🙂 ) – wow all conditions are here for a total disaster…

    i have installed jigo shop and when i go to the product main page or specific product page the side bar is on the bottom of the page and not on the right hand side of the page as with the other pages of the site.

    i guess it is a problem between themes but after having looked on the forums i am more confused than i was in the beginning by seeing concepts i know nothing about child themes, hooks ect

    can anybody help and tell me what i have to do to or where to look to correct this please

    many thanks for your help



    Hi hommenomad,

    It would be very helpful if we could “see” what you are describing. Can you provide a link to your page?



    hi Josh

    wow quicker than an eagle 🙂 – i do appreciate such reactivity

    here is the link of the theme working

    and here with it not

    i’ve tried changing the permalinks and saving 2 times but it changes nothing

    i’ve tried a few changes to the options in graphene but to no avail

    any help you can give is welcome



    Hmmm… this plugin is causing some serious page issues with the theme. My bet would be it’s not the theme having trouble… but rather the plugin. On the WordPress Plugin site for Jigoshop, half the people who have voted say it works, and the other half say it doesn’t work.

    I would bet this is a plugin issue. Have you tried alternative WordPress ECommerce plugins?

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