Problem with SEO title and post title (YOAST) : double title

  • Alex75017


    Hi everyone,
    I don’t know if this pb has been reported yet but I just noticed that the SEO title (that I entered with YOAST) is no longer displayed properly. Instead I have the 2 titles mixed in the tab (“double title”). Is Graphene no longer compatible with Yoast ? That would be quite problematic…
    Thank you for your insights and help to solve this pb,
    Have a good day !

    PS : I think this article decribes the pb, I am not sure it describes exactly the pb I’m trying to explain though…


    Syahir Hakim


    Please provide the URL to your site so that we can take a look.



    Thank you, here’s an example of a new post that I created recently with 2 different titles as usual :

    1/The post title is : Brillante de Stéphanie Dupays : « L’entreprise avait compris que le lien le plus fort n’est pas pécuniaire, il est affectif. »

    2/ The SEO title (that I filled out with Yoast) is : Brillante – Stéphanie Dupays : critique analyse extraits et citations

    If you look at the title in the browser’s tab you’ll see that the two titles are both displayed one following the other instead of only displaying the SEO title as it used to be…

    Apparently the previous posts created before the theme update are fortunately not affected by this bug.
    Example of an old article with the 2 different titles showing properly :

    Thank you very much for your help in fixing this if possible…



    OK pb solved ! sorry about that, it was just a new feature of Yoast that I needed to adjust to get the titles right… Do not bother anymore :-p

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