Problem with Polylang Franz Josef

  • luctroo


    Hello guys,

    I seem to have a problem getting the menu to switch when user clicks for alternate language.

    Can someone perhaps check it out and let me know what I’m missing.

    My research led me to Polylang plugin author says that usually the behavior I’m seeing happens because content is loaded in Ajax

    Another frequent issue is a menu which is correct when directly accessing the page but doesn’t switch when clicking on the language switcher. More and more themes are loading the content in Ajax and thus don’t reload the menu and content common to every pages (ex footer, widgets). This Ajax feature is obviously not compatible with multilingual websites. Try disabling the Ajax feature in your theme options or contact the theme support if you don’t find such option.

    How to disable ajax in this theme?

    Thank you




    Ok. Now it looks as if one of the plugins I had on caused an interference. Bogo was causing the problem.

    ( ref: )

    It now works.


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