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    Hello, my name is Rob!

    First of all sorry for my english…

    I use this theme and found one problem with menu on my site. Now in my menu 5 items and all works fine. But when i want to add at new item in the menu, nothing happens. So how many items does menu support? How can I add a new item in it?





    What do you mean “Nothing Happens”?

    How do you add your menus? Are you using custom menus?



    I mean a new item does not show in the menu. Yes i am use a custom menu from the admin area, t.e. main menu. I need to add one more item. When i check the need page and click on the button ‘add to menu’ thats all right, but when i click on the button “save menu”, after refreshing the page this item dissapears.

    Now in my menu 5 items. But i need six or seven. That’s all.



    Your problem may be similar to this thread menus-not-updating



    Thank you, ronangelo!

    The problem was on my server, after that i wrote 2 parameters

    ///// = 0

    /////suhosin.request.max_vars = 0

    in my php.ini, item add to menu without problem!

    Thanks for help!

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