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    Hi there

    Just new to the forum however have been working with the Graphene theme on a couple of sites, and I really like the theme and the fact that it is so well supported. So thank you for that! I also like it because there is so much information that is shared about customisations and lots of tips and ideas to be found.

    However, I have hit a glitch. I have been putting a site together for a friend who wanted left and right sidebars, which was what drew me to Graphene in the first place. She has very specific requirements about where to place elements and also with colours and font sizes and so on, and so after much to-ing and fro-ing, I believe I got it to the point of near perfection for her. I was working on my Mac and had checked the site in Opera, Firefox and Safari. However yesterday I recklessly checked the site in IE9 and was horrified to see the huge white space between the banner and the main content – the site looks fine in the other browsers. Also, the first sidebar has three text/html widgets installed, and the first widget is placed correctly but the second widget is now aligned with the content heading and the widget in the third sidebar.

    I am at a loss as to how to fix the space on IE9 as I don’t want the other browsers to suffer from further customisation. Maybe I have customised it too much?

    Would love to hear from anyone who is familiar with IE9 who could suggest a course of action – the site can be found via

    Thanks in advance, and thanks again for such a great theme!



    Hmm.. I don’t have Internet Explorer on my machine. So, I can’t suggest you anything without looking your site in IE. Actually it is not a real browser at all!

    (Off the topic) Your post title ribbon not looks fine on homepage. I think you should look at this,

    #ribbon {
    background-position: left top;
    top: 50px;

    It gives,



    Hi Prasanna

    Thank you for your response. Yes I guess you need IE9 to see what I mean.

    As for the banner, the way I have styled it is exactly what she wants. I had it butting the content page like you have put and she asked me to change it!



    Just wanted to update the status on this one – I upgraded the theme from 1.5.6 to 1.6 and am really happy to see the IE9 issues I noticed before have disappeared.

    The sidebars on the homepage did a switcharoo though that wasn’t hard to fix.




    The ribbon “GradientBannerCropped.png” is not looking correct in Firefox or IE9. It’s covering the word “Welcome”. Also your side widget input boxes are wonky.



    Yes, thanks Tee_888.

    I am still making adjustments to the other components such as the sidebars and ribbon. The upgrade had some other unexpected effects but in the scheme of things I don’t think it will take much to fix.

    But I am happy that the IE9 problem has been resolved with the upgrade.



    But I am happy that the IE9 problem has been resolved with the upgrade.

    So, marking this thread as resolved.

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