Problem with font size of the menu after update

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    Even if today I have a little problem, I want to congratulate you for this wonderful theme.

    So, since the 1.5.6 update, my drop-down menu appears in a larger font, so it is now displayed on two lines.

    Do you have an idea to fix this?

    My site: (WP 3.3)

    thank you



    It’s showing menus in two lines because you’ve very long navigation label. Otherwise font size looks normal. Which browser are you using? If you want to decrease the font size, try this,

    add this to custom CSS (Graphene options –> Display –> Custom CSS)

    #header-menu > li > a {
    padding: 9px 5px 10px;

    #header-menu > li {
    font: 10px arial;



    Thanks for the tip, it works

    However, it’s weird because before the update 1.5.6, there was no problem with the length of the menu.

    But the most important is that it works now.

    Thank you again!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Sometimes the CSS changes with each update, and this may have been the case. It’s also possible that your font display size on your browser got reset sometime after the update. (There have been a couple of cases of this noted in this forum.)

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