Problem with displaying date translation in posts

  • tazbambu



    Keep up the good work! This is an excellent theme!

    I am building a site in both greek-english. I have translated most of graphene .pot. So far, everything is great apart from:

    translation does not work for Dates, Months, etc where these are displayed , single post or post archive – I get a “???” for month abrev, for example.

    I am using qtranslate and

    I have also set “lang” setting in wp_config.

    Could you guide me a bit?What do I do wrong?

    I am new and im not sure if it’s the theme or wordpress itself. I have figured that .po file of wordpress’ greek translation, has dates/ months translated . In Graphene pots file, none of these are included apart from Y F j etc.

    Thank you very much for any response!




    Syahir Hakim


    Have you downloaded the Greek translation files for WordPress itself? See this page:



    Yes I have,

    everything is translated in greek now, even the Calendar widget of wordpress tha displays dates/months..

    Help me out please!

    Thank for this quick response!

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