Problem with custom css after update to 3.3.1

  • ice48623


    Yesterday, I have change the look of registration page and now I have updated to 3.3.1 after at my registration change back to default. How to fix?

    And another question that I want ask is if I have enabled child theme and I want to change the style where should I put the code, in custom css in graphene option or in the style.css in graphene child folder.




    The reason you lost your changes is because all files (usually) get over-written during an update. To fix, you would need to make your adjustments again (only to get over-written again when you perform the next update). It’s a vicious cycle!

    So, use a child theme AS MUCH as you can!!

    Here is a video I made for creating a child theme with graphene, and how to use it:

    But to answer your question, you would add new CSS to your child theme stlye.css file.



    Describe more clearly please. How to fix?



    I have no idea. I don’t know what you changed on your registration page in the first place.

    Yesterday, I have change the look of registration page

    This tells me absolutely nothing about what you changed.

    Whatever changes you made the first time… you will need to do them all over again.



    I have changed the width of the registration page, text field, remove navigation at the bottom, and changed background color.

    For now I have try to delete and do it over again but still not thing change!!

    Any idea?


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