Problem with Comments-despite being enabled there is comment box

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    Hi there,

    Firstly I love the Graphene theme, it was everything I have wanted in a blog theme and the problems I am experiencing are no doubt a result of my own technical ineptitudes, however I am a fast learner.

    I will try to be as succint as possible.

    Imported blog from blogger to wordpress, with the amazing graphene as my theme. Success.

    Enabled comments on the wordpress settings.

    Readers contacted me saying that they couldn’t post, that there was no comment option.

    I trawled through previous posts in the support forum and thought the answer lied in creating a static front page. Followed the instructions, comments became enabled, but my posts where no longer the main body, but squashed at the bottom, under comments.

    I restored my original settings (just showing my latests posts)and searched again.

    This time I inserted the following code into my page.php

    <?php comments_template(); ?>

    Still no joy.

    I have unistalled all comment plug-ins and I am very confused as to what to do next.

    Where do you suggest I begin?



    Every post you create will have a comments section below it. If I click on any of your posts, I see a comment form below it.

    Are you saying you want a comments form on the bottom of your front page? On this page:



    Hi, Siobhan here, everything is now resolved-hooray! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

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