Problem with Child Theme and single php after updating to new version

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    After updating to the new version 1.6 on my test domain and activation of my child theme there is an error displaying the posts.

    The WordPress version is 3.3.1 on both sites and I use a child theme to show related posts with this plugin:

    The child theme contains a style.css and, as you advised, a loop-single.php in the upgraded test system, instead the single.php in the original (not upgraded) system.

    The content of the php´s:

      <?php do_action(



      ‘orderby’ => ‘rand’,

      ‘order’ => ‘ASC’,

      ‘limit’ => 4,

      ‘echo’ => true,

      ‘before’ => ‘

    • ‘,

      ‘inside’ => ‘…..» ‘,

      ‘outside’ => ”,

      ‘after’ => ‘

    • ‘,

      ‘rel’ => ‘follow, noindex’,

      ‘type’ => ‘post’,

      ‘image’ => ‘thumbnail’,

      ‘message’ => ‘Keine Treffer’,

      ‘default’ => ‘;,


      ) ?>

    When I click an article, I will get only the results, no article text, no comments, no comments box ..

    My original site still uses Graphene 1.5.6 and there is no problem.

    Can you help me?




    Hmm, no answer, no idea, no help?



    You don’t need to create a loop file in child theme. Instead, use action hook widgets and PHP widget plugin to show the related posts list

    These tutorials might help you –

    Graphene Action Hook Widgets – an easy way to modify your blog –

    Video Tutorial: Using Action Hooks in Graphene (Simple) –

    Video Tutorial: Using Action Hooks in Graphene (Advanced) –



    Hi Prasanna,

    thanks for your help. I found out how to modify the theme with the hooks without using a child theme. Great! That will give me some ideas 😉

    There is still one little problem: The related posts are shown on the start page (index.php) as well.




    If you’re familiar with PHP and WordPress functionality, try using is_single() Conditional Tag to show the widget only in the posts page.

    if (is_single ())
    {echo "
    Your Related Posts plugin code"

    Else, use Widget Logic plugin to control the appearance of your widgets (Here, Related Posts is a widget)

    In your case, use is_single() to restrict Related Posts widget only to the posts.



    That´s it!

    Many thanks for your excellent support 🙂



    You’re welcome!

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