problem with arabic text rendering on google chrome

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    Hi.. I am running my website on graphene theme which is nice. I do not personally use chrome as I am a fan of firefox, however my friends pointed out to me that in the title and wherever there is a header the text is rendered with an exclamation mark every word ( in place of spaces) my site is in arabic language. the site works fine though on firefox. any ideas to fix that knowing that I am not an HTML programmer.




    Hi.. I figured it out by searching old posts, it appears that pontano sans font is not rendered correctly on chrome..changing the order of the font in the following:


    #header .header_title {

    font: normal 32px “Pontano Sans”, arial, sans-serif;

    letter-spacing: -1px;

    position: absolute;

    bottom: 30%;

    making arial the first font has solved the problem

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