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    Dig dig is plugin that adds links to social sharing sites in a neat floating bar on the left side of the post. Im havig problem with positioning it correctly. I think that the problem comes from the fact that it positiones itself based of the edge of the post area, not the edge of the blog area.

    Look at these two pages:

    On first one it is placed correctly, but on the second one it is a bit detached from the blog area.

    Here are positioning settings from the plugin settings:


    background:none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;

    border:1px solid #DDDDDD;








    In original, margin left was -120px, and right was 10px, but it was way inside post area on posts like second link, so i changed it to this. I dont know ajax at all, and i need a way to make this bar position absolute to the edge of the blog area, not post area like it is.

    inb4 ask help from plugin author, i already did, without reply.

    Prasanna SP

    #dd_ajax_float {
    padding-left: 40px;

    Prasanna SP


    Oh! DigDid looks weird. Padding 40px works only on Image/Video/Audio/Status update pages. It won’t work on Standard posts.

    Okay, try this plugin instead –



    I kinda need facebook share, and slick social share doesnt have it. But i am going to use it until i find solution for dig dig. Thanks for trzing to halp at least 😀

    Prasanna SP


    Even Slick Social Share is out of the frame! What so you have in your custom CSS?



    Nah, you probably saw it while i was adjusting position from center. It is ok now.

    Edit: I dont have any custom css.

    Prasanna SP


    Probably it looks nice on a wide screen monitor. But in an old CRT monitor of resolution 1024 X 768 px, it’s off the container..



    Thats intended to look like that 😛

    Prasanna SP


    Then how one can share your post using slick slider buttons? It won’t pop-out on mouseover!



    Hmmm, by clicking on buttons?

    Prasanna SP


    I can’t click on buttons because it is not showing buttons on my screen! You’ll see the buttons only in widescreen monitors.



    Yeah, i just noticed that. Tryed to fix it for almost a hour, but whatever i do it doesnt show 🙁

    Looks like i am going to use some of the plugins that show social buttons at the end of post…

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