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    After installation of last version of a theme 1.6, there was a problem with a conclusion of quantity of comments to record. On the main page where it is deduced records the quantity of comments is displayed, should be so: “3 comments”, and at me it is deduced: “d% comments”. That is instead of number it is shown “d%”, prompt as to correct!?

    Yours faithfully Serhio!



    Are you using default English or any other language? Please give your site address.

    Moved to support.



    I use Russian! I from Russia.

    The blog address:

    Has checked up, when one comment in record that is deduced “%d the comment”, (that is instead of 1 it is shown %d) and when 2 and more comments in article like normally shows, checked with 5 comments. The blog only has opened!



    Okay, that might be a typing mistake because d and s are close to each other in the keyboard. To fix this, open your language .po file (ru_RU.po) and replace %d комментарий with %s комментарий. Save and re-upload the ru_RU.po and files to /graphene/languages directory

    You may need to read this – Translating the theme

    Or simply notify the translator about this issue.



    Has made, but the result hasn’t changed! Has edited as you have told, and has filled in back in a root. As well shows why that “%d” and when only 1 comment in record! That can in what the friend business?


    Syahir Hakim


    Seems like it’s displaying fine now?




    Syahir Hakim it when 2 and more comments! That is when 1 comment in record that is deduced “%d” and when 2 and more comments that all is good. Now come on a blog and look, I have removed 1 comment.


    Syahir Hakim




    Has made, all has turned out! I have understood in what there was a problem.

    msgid “1 comment”

    msgid_plural “%d comments”

    msgstr [0] “1 comment”

    msgstr [1] “%d the comment”

    msgstr [2] “%d comments”

    Here in this line msgstr [0] “1 comment” it was necessary to put figure 1, instead of “%d”. That is this parameter generates quantity of comments but when the comment 1, sense to generate isn’t present. Here it also returned this value.

    Thanks big for the help!!!




    Marking as resolved.

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