Problem switching from Graphene to Graphene Mobile Neo – sidebar text

  • deantucker


    When I enable Graphene Mobile Neo, the text from the side bar widget area loads on the top of every page on my site… even though I have assigned it to the GM Neo Top widget.

    How do I fix this?

    Graphene Mobile Neo is not set up as my current theme… I switched back to Graphene.


    Syahir Hakim


    It appears that your site is using another mobile theme (WP Touch). Graphene Mobile Neo is designed to work alongside your desktop theme (which is Graphene), but not a second mobile theme.

    On top of that, Graphene Mobile Neo need not be activated in order for it to work. The bundled helper plugin takes care of loading the theme when necessary. This is reflected in the theme’s [url=]Installation Instructions[/url].

    If you need assistance with installing and setting up Graphene Mobile Neo, we are available to help at no extra charge.



    Thank you Syahir, I disabled WP Touch and now Graphine Mobile NEO is working on my iPhone, I was only one click away. (smile)

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