Problem regarding the updated theme with Windows Live Writer

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    Hi guys. I am having a problem with the new version (1.4) of our theme. I use Windows live writer to post blogs on our website because it’s quite easy to use and doesn’t have to load when you want to preview your blog. I think some of the members is using this too. Here is my problem:

    When I updated the theme to 1.4, I also updated the theme on my windows live writer so that when I edit my post on it, it would look exactly the same as the newly updated theme when I preview the post; which is exactly how it would look like when you see it on the website. But suddenly, the editor on my windows live writer doesn’t look like a view of the actual post. It has a blue box on it and there is a sliding bar at the bottom (see the arrows on the picture). It looks like a view of a slider on a home page. Before, when I am editing a post, the editor looks exactly like this ( but now it looks like this ( . You cannot see the letters anymore after the white and gray space. And when you hit the “Preview” button, it looks like this ( . When you hit the preview button it should look like the first link ( . I also noticed (regarding the slide bar at the bottom) that as you are typing the letters for your post, the letters continue to write going to the right and it will not make a new line unless you hit enter.

    I really don’t know what’s wrong. I thought at first that I just need to reboot my system. But after I reboot it for 3 times and updated the theme in my windows live writer for many times, the appearance of the editor of windows live writer is still the same. Try it for yourself (windows live writer) and tell me if it’s me that is having the problem here. I have an assumption that maybe it’s because that I just updated the theme and not installed it. And maybe that by just updating it, theme would not be installed correctly. What do you think? Please help me guys.

    Thanks in advance for the help. I really appreciate it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This seems like a problem with Windows Live Writer. Are you able to use WordPress and Graphene without any problems?

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