Problem embedding MailChimp Form

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    Thanks for posting the code. I tested it out on one of my site, and it seems

    <div class="clear"><input type="submit" value="Subscribe" name="subscribe" id="mc-embedded-subscribe" class="button"></div>

    Is not pulling the class.

    Take out clear from <div class="clear"> and leave it at " " so it should look like <div class=" "> and hit save your button should pop.

    I’m no JS expert maybe someone else can explain why it’s not pulling the CSS of that div.



    Tee thank you so much for your ideas.

    I made that change and the subscribe button showed up, but didn’t work. So I removed all the Java script and now it works. Not as nicely as before, but it is functional.

    So it seems to be a conflict with Javascript and the new version of the theme.

    Thanks for all the help everyone. Syahir would you mind taking a look at this conflict please?

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