Problem drag an drop widget in the theme graphene since update 3.3 wp

  • Arielle camille



    I made the update wordpress 3.3 this morning, and I cannot click / slide (drag and drop) any more widgets in the side bar. Can you help me?



    This could possibly be the result of a plugin incompatibility with version 3.3.

    How many plugins do you have installed. Can you list them here? We probably need to deactivate them, one at a time, and see if the drag-and-drop problem goes away.

    Or, deactivate them all at once, and test your widget area. Then, if it works, you can re-enable your plugins, one at a time, until it “breaks” again… then you know the faulty plugin.

    Before we start digging in files, let’s first make sure it’s not a plugin conflict.

    Arielle camille


    Good evening,

    I deactivated plugins one by one, as you said to me. But it does not still work.

    I do not think that it is about a conflict with a plugin…but with the version of WP 3.3…

    I am annoyed, that to make?

    Thank you for your answer

    my plugins are :


    All in one seo pack

    Better WordPress Recent Comments

    Contact Mail Cispm

    Contextual Related Posts

    Google XML Sitemaps



    Rich Text Widget

    Rich Widget

    SEO Friendly Images


    TinyMCE Advanced

    WordPress Backup to Dropbox

    WP Autoresponder


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s not a WP 3.3 thing. I just installed, configured, viewed, and removed a widget with no problem.

    If it’s not a plugin compatibility issue, you might want to make sure that your host still meets the minimum requirements necessary to run WP. You can find out more information about that here. I admit, this is probably not the case, but it can’t hurt to check.



    I would still put my money on a plugin conflict… more specifically, one which is adding a widget to your admin widget page. Even if you aren’t using it, it’s jquery may still conflict with the overall page in general, causing everything to break.

    If you would like to me take a quick look for you, you can email me an admin level username and password to your website.

    Please use my contact from here to send the info securely.

    Arielle camille


    Hello to all,

    Thank you really to have wanted to help me!!!

    But it’s good!!!! Josh was right (it’s his sentence: ” I would still put my money on a plugin conflict… ” which persuaded me to look still).

    And I found a conflict between Rich Text Widget and the new version of WP 3.3.

    I contacted the creator of the plugin but he did not answer me… so I lost, by deactivating it, 4 boxes very important for my blog. ๐Ÿ™

    Thank you still for your help !!!

    I am now going to manage.

    But…you know maybe a good publisher(editor) of widget to publish photo or video or html?

    Excuse-me for my english not very good but iam french ! ๐Ÿ™‚



    Why were you using rich text widget? Is it because it gives you the editor to insert photo or video?

    You might want to follow this thread over at wordpress:

    It is only a couple of days old, and hopefully the author is working on a fix.



    Do you know you can change the color of your widget title backgrounds and your “Read More” buttons? It would look MUCH better if you used that teal color like the background of your slider.

    Appearance -> Graphene Options -> Display Tab -> Colours Options

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