Problem character font later update 1.8.1

  • vise11


    I have updated the graphene theme to 1.8.1 and it has change some things, the most important is the format of characters. I explain all my pages have a uniforme standard character decide by graphene theme, and also in the page i have other format and i try to modify it, it don’t change. I don’t understand’s strange thing

    can you help me please..sorry but i’m not so good about this world


    Kenneth John Odle


    Link to your site?

    Make sure you don’t have a plugin conflict:



    I don’t think so. How plugin i have:

    – Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

    – Fast Secure Contact Form

    – XCloner

    Only 3 plugin

    I have seen a strange things about this problem. In the more pc i see the site with this problem, wiht uncorrect character’font

    (with google chrome, mozzilla e explorer). While In one pc with google chrome i see the site without problems. It’s strange things

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