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  • Oliver



    Thank you both Kenneth and Sanuja.

    I will look at your solutions, this weekend.

    I got I now I think (:

    For now, I am back from a Blank Screen of Death

    It took me two days to figure it out.

    Maybe someone else can use this information.

    Solution to WordPress Blank Screen of Death:

    Anyway here is the answer: it lies in the wp-config.php file

    That was a normal, but not working wp-config.php file!

    It was an empty line. That is all it was. One single solitary new Line at the bottom of the file!

    I deleted the line and wupti my website was up again




    Hi again

    How do you remove an action hook so it not will be printed?

    I have inserted an adsense code in “Graphene Top Content”

    This do not work

    .Graphene Top Content,

    display: none;



    For some reason your website won’t load here. So, I cannot check what code is in your action hook. What you need to do is find the container name or id of the hook and say display none in print css file.



    Thanks for your reply; I will try your suggestion and find the id.

    WT3 total cache is the problem, it makes the page does not load at all, I think.

    Maybe it is a conflict with another plug-in?

    I have deactivated it now.

    Which internet browser do you use?



    I did find the Id with firebug (graphene_before_post_content) and add the code in the Graphene: style-print.css. But action hook is still been printed?

    /* hide the following IDs*/









    .post .avatar,







    .email {

    display: none;

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