Preventing child theme changes with Graphene updates

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    Thanks so much for this great template. I am just starting to dive into creating WordPress sites and the Graphene theme has really made it easy to customize (along with this great forum to answer my questions). My only issue though is that the most recent Graphene update caused my sidebar to completely shift down below the content. I’ve since fixed the issue, but am worried that this or other style changes could happen again. I will be passing this site off to a client, so any advice for how I can minimize future ‘shifts’ like this would be appreciated. Here is the site for reference:

    I’ve followed advice from these forums and made a separate ‘Graphene-Child’ folder that currently only holds a style.css file (only contains changes that are different from the Graphene parent), a functions.php (references wp_enqueue_style to call the parent css), and a loop.php file because I had a change from the parent. All changes were made to the Graphene-Child files and none to the parent files. Should I be doing something differently to prevent changes like my sidebar shift? I’ve heard that copying the entire parent style.css to my child folder may solve the problem, but comments from other threads in this forum make it sound like that is not the best way to go.

    Thank you very much for your help!





    What is the reason for “sidebar shifting”? The most common issue is excess of closing tags in posts or pages. If is so, you should warn a client about that, and when they break the layout just charge them for fixing it 🙂 (just kidding)

    Copying the entire parent style.css is rather stupid solution if you already call the parent stylesheet with import.



    Thanks Luko.

    The sidebar shifting did not happen until after I updated the latest Graphene theme, so I assumed that something I did was incompatible with the update. As I mentioned in my previous post I am new at this, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I missed something. The pages do not have extra closing tags and the shift was happening on every page’s sidebar. I ended up fixing the shift by making the sidebar width smaller at first, then adjusting my content area width for things to fit again.

    After looking at my old code I just realized that I didn’t actually set a width for the sidebar in my Child style sheet. I had only set it through the ‘Graphene Options’ panel. Could that be the issue?

    I figured that copying the entire parent sheet was not a good solution, but just thought I’d throw it out there.

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