Potential Bug uncovered after updating to WP 4.1.1 and Graphene

  • richweb


    On past versions, we’ve utilized the “Show posts from categories” option under Slider options (Category is “Slider”). After updating to the latest WordPress and Graphene updates yesterday, this now displays WordPress Pages (which are NOT categorized), rather than Posts with the “Slider” category designator.

    Right now, I’m displaying items via specific post IDs, however, we need to restore this back to its original functionality and do posts by category.




    Please forgive the bump, however, I was hoping to see a little more feedback on this.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Please DON’T bump. If you don’t get a response, either nobody has yet noticed, or they are busy researching it, or they just don’t know.

    If you think it’s a bug, please post it in the Bug Report section of the forum.

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