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  • Chris



    New to this theme. Used suffusion for a couple years and was thrilled to find Graphene to be so user friendly. I have one problem and it’s probably something I’m doing wrong. I have three static pages, all with set with the theme default page template which is set to one column with one sidebar on the right in the theme. On the static posts page, the sidebar is showing on the wrong side.

    I just started the site and have no content, but the name is:

    k-i-d-d-by-t-e-s dot com

    Remove the dashes (sorry but I hate Google indexing every dumb question I ever ask)



    Ok, I’m an idiot. I have no content there, that’s why! So sorry. I knew as soon as I posted it would hit me.


    Syahir Hakim


    Happens all the time 🙂

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