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    Hi Sayahir,

    First of all, thanks for creating Graphene, I love it. I’ve used it for several sites now including and I’m just learning WordPress and php so please be patient if this is a dumb question.

    So, the site I am working on now is, also in Graphene. Luke (who the site is for) really wants the blog to go all the way across the screen to show off his photos better.

    What I did:

    I went into the Reading options and selected the home page to be static, while making the Blog where the posts show up. The I went into the Blog page and selected the One column template, but still saw a sidebar appearing on the Blog page.

    I have done a lot of research and troubleshooting on WordPress support forums ( and ended up creating a loop-index.php file with the following code:


    include (TEMPLATEPATH . “/template-onecolumn.php”); ?>

    Now the blog has an error as you can see.

    Is this a bug? Am I coding it wrong?

    I really appreciate your help!!! Keep up the good work!!!




    What plugins do you use on your Graphene pages above? You have done a nice job with the design. I especially like your contact page vs. mine

    How have you changed the nav bar? Did you find any plugins for that?

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