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    Hi there,

    first i want to apologize for adding a new topic but i didn’t manage to work out the problem i have and i am very confused now.

    I have this site ( translated in English (i am using WPML

    In home page i want to display the posts from the category called “Νεα” which is translated to English as “News”. But in English home page no posts are displayed.

    When i turn theme to wordpress’ s default (Twenty Eleven), everything works well.

    Could you help me please?



    Hmmmm… I see your problem. It also causes the video player to not respond when switching to the English language.

    Unfortunately, I can be of no help to you. I have ZERO experience with translating websites. However, one of the other members might be able to offer a solution.

    I don’t know how the plugin (WPML) functions, but perhaps there is a conflict with some jquery causing the slider, posts, and video to not display properly.

    Maybe there is a better plugin used for translating websites??



    Thanks for your answer.

    Can i ask something to make my thoughts clear?

    The use of WPML plugin (and similars of course) is just for translation? Or it also provides the functionality to the website to support two languages?



    Status update. Now posts translated in English are shown in the English home page.

    I am not sure what i did excactly, but as i can remember:

    On Setup WPML > Languages > More options

    “Blog posts to display

    1. Only translated posts.

    2. All posts (display translation if it exists or posts in default language otherwise).”

    It was checked #1. I checked #2

    On Setup WPML > Languages > More options

    “Make themes work multilingual

    1. Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality (This feature turns themes into multilingual, without having to edit their PHP files.)”

    It was unchecked and i checked it.

    The problem with the video player to not respond when switching to the English language it remains.



    Hey… congratulations. That works much better!!

    I’m still not sure what’s going on with the video. How are you inserting the video? Are you using a plugin? Or are you just inserting the “share” code into a widget area?



    I am using the NextGen Slideshow widget of NextGen plugin…



    I tried using another theme and the problem was still there. So it’s not graphene’s fault.

    If you can help me i would appreciate it. I search over the net about this problem, but none of the solutions worked for me.



    Let’s try inserting the video another way instead of using the nextgen plugin.

    Is it a youtube video? Do you have the link from youtube?



    it’s just a slidwshow with a number of images.

    I solved the problem after downloading another plugin (WP Photo Album Plus) and use the widget slideshow of this plugin.

    thanks again for your help!



    I LOOOOOVE Photo Album Plus!!! I have used it since the beginning. It is absolutely feature-packed! And Opajaap (the author) is extremely active in development and support.

    Glad you got all this working!

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