Posts can't be sorted since version 1.8.2

  • Stefan_Neumann


    With the version 1.8.1 I used a plugin, so that our posts will be sorted according to the corresponding headlines in alphabetic order. But since I installed the new version (1.8.2) this plugin and also other plugins (that I tried in the meanwhile) are not able to sort our posts.

    Is there any advice how I can sort our posts in alpabetic order again ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    It would be useful to know what plugin you are referring to.



    I tried with several plug-ins like:

    – Default Sort Ascend

    – SearchResult By Title

    – Advanced Custom Sort

    – My Post Order 1.2.1

    – WP Meta Sort Posts

    – Easy Post Order 2.1

    – SortTable Post

    – Post Sorter 1.0

    – Post Types Order

    – Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

    It’s probably because we have more than 7.500 posts, and therefore we offered to our website-visitors a page where they cam pre-select the first letter of the post, as you can see in

    But If I select for example the letter “S” (all posts beginning with “s”) the post will niot be ordered in alphabetic order.

    Best regards,

    Stefan Neumann

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