Posts can´t be listed after uppgrade to 1.6

  • MFKBluemax



    In our site we have a static homepage at and all posts are being redirected to

    But since we upgraded to release 1.6 the listing-page is empty.

    Does anyone has a clue whats wrong?

    /Yours Mattias


    Syahir Hakim


    The returned response from the server was “500 Internal Server Error”. It’s impossible to diagnose this without looking at the server’s error log.



    Do you have an artiklar/ directory with an index file in your root?



    Hello again!

    No, I have an firstpage called “Startsidan” and a mainpage called “Artiklar”.

    Sorry if I dont use right words for the pages, I’m using the swedish language-file.

    Her is how we configured the site and its been working this way for last 6 month befofe the upgrade:

    /Yours Mattias


    Syahir Hakim


    Look at the error log from your host. It’ll provide more information about the “500 Internal Server Error”.



    Hello again!

    I managed to trace the fault back to two of the plugins.

    When I use both “User Access Manager” and “Members List” together with Grapene, the problem occurs. If I disable one of the plugins, or change theme, the site works again.


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