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    *An intermediate here – so take it easy.


    Trying to set-up a friends small biz, and I got stock figuring how to get “Post” on to different “Pages”. Or, should I just be making “Pages”, linked to tha “category/pages”

    Mundys > Garden > Watering … I’d like to make 4 different “Posts” for say 4 different watering cans under “Watering”. Or, should I just make it a “Page” linked to cateory? Confused?

    … right now 3 (2?) “Posts” are showing up in the “slider”, and then I had to make them pages to show up under the correct “category/header. see this …

    thanks for ANY help.


    Kenneth John Odle




    … nope, but thnx.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not quite sure what you mean by this:

    how to get “Post” on to different “Pages”

    It seems to me you are conflating posts with pages with archives.

    Posts get added to a category. So yes, posts about watering cans would be added to a “Watering Cans” category. If you want them to all show up together, they appear on the category archive, which is what I think you are going for.

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