Post Titles in Numix Post Slider cannot be read

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    I’m using the Numix Post Slider instead the Graphene build in Slider because I want such a slider on a specific page and not in the homepage.

    First I tried the child theme workaround but that did not work – I think that the slider functions are not longer in functions.php but in theme-slider.php and I do not undestand how to change that in the child theme. If there is a actual workarund which is explanining it – I like the Graphene Slider 😉

    So now I’m using Numix Post Slider an the post titles are not shown completely – only by half:

    Picture 1

    I’m sure, this is caused by the them, because I tried an other theme and the entire post titles are shown:

    Picture 2

    Could you please tell me, how to fix that?



    … child theme working 🙂


    … child theme working 🙂

    You should post how you have solved it so people with similar problems know how to fix it.



    This is my `/wp-content/themes/graphene-child/functions.php’:


    function graphene_display_slider(){

    if (is_page(67) || is_archive()){
    add_action('wp_footer', 'graphene_scrollable');

    function custom_enqueue_scripts(){
    if ( ! is_admin() ) { // Front-end only
    wp_enqueue_script( 'graphene-jquery-tools' ); //jQuery Tools
    , required for slider

    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'custom_enqueue_scripts' );


    I think I had written if (is_page('67') || is_archive()){ instead if (is_page(67) || is_archive()){

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