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  • saaby



    I have a problem after i have change to graphene theme. All my post is now shown as links on my frontpage. I need my post to be shown on frontpage, not as links to the real page. it is a static frontpage. Is that possible.



    Leif Saaby

    John McCubbin


    dont know if you can with static front page try going to Graphene Options –> Front Page Options –> and chpicing a catagory.

    PS what event calendar are you using as iv been looking for something like this and can’t find a good one and yours looks good



    In frontpage option it is set to Frontpage and nothing else. I am using Event Calender Pro


    Syahir Hakim


    No, static front page is meant to show just that one static page, and not a listing of your posts. If you want to show the listing of your posts, don’t use static front page.

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