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    I am trying this question again. Perhaps I asked it poorly.

    When I type up a post with a featured image to the left and the information on several short lines to the right, the lines of text are displayed online quite differently. All the lines I have typed into the post in edit mode display as run on sentences. I am making a directory of members with a photo to the left and then name, phone, address and such to the right. Each item needs to be on a separate line, not all run together. How do I get this to happen?

    I am very new to this, but love the theme and all its features! Thanks.



    Can you please provide a URL to the page you are speaking about?

    Are you using the “HTML” editor or the “Visual” editor when creating a post?



    Thank you. Sorry, forgot to include the URL. I have been using the visual editor. Thanks for your time and question.



    You’re welcome. The “visual” and the “HTML” function slightly differently in how they display the end result. I always use the HTML editor for this very reason. However, I know those without HTML knowledge will struggle with this option.

    You can try to use an unordered list in the visual editor to display each line of info to the right of the photo. If this doesn’t work for you, lemme know and I’ll give you an HTML example you can play with.


    Syahir Hakim




    The above mentioned older post had the answer! It is working perfectly after adding <p><o> to the display options for posts in the Graphene Theme area. Many thanks!!!

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