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    Sticky page on top and post ups below is what I am looking for. Something like what I have on this site.

    New site looks like this Post ups are on separate pages, need to have in one column. 10 to 12 post per page.

    Cannot seem to locate where to set column post, please help.

    Your Friend Lee


    Kenneth John Odle


    On you are using a theme that is not Graphene. Do you want to use Graphene on the new site?

    I’m not sure what you mean by “post ups”. Do you mean posts, as opposed to pages?



    Thanks for your reply I have decided to use another theme. I was referring to post opposed to pages. I did find out that my problem was Graphene theme was set in blog format rather then Website format. Website format will show posts in the order they where posted.

    Graphene theme will be used for another blog that will go online in March.

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