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  • djomen


    Love this theme!!!

    Having a little issue with the header image changing when a post is displayed. It works for one post, but not for others?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    The Featured Image for any post would only replace the header image if the size of that featured image is greater than or equal to 900 x 198 pixels. Images smaller than that will not replace the header image when the post is displayed.



    I have the same problem, it works with some photos but not all.

    The photos are all greater than 900*198.

    It works with images with size 4000×3000, but not with images 3648 × 2736.

    Is there another condition than the size (ratio ???) to use this functionnality?





    I have just migrate to the version 1.2.1 (don’t remember the previous one – the version was loaded on 23 october 2010).

    From this time ALL Featured Image don’t replace the header image !

    The picture are all greater than 90*194

    What can i do ?


    How can i go back to the preceeding version ?



    Try with the theme size 960x198px


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