Post Formats still under consideration?

  • cocomike


    Noticed awhile back you were considering adding more Post Formats. That would be awesome!

    I’ve also poked around in thetwentyeleven theme and saw they had each Post Format as a separate file. It may be useful to have this type of set up in Graphene, especially for those who wish to modify the output in some fashion. I’m still a bit rocky when it comes to doing things and the single loop-post-formats.php scares me a bit, if I mess something up, I’d most likely break my entire site.

    Just a few thoughts. Any suggestions on working with the L-P-F.PHP would be greatly appreciated.


    Syahir Hakim


    It’s still on the table, though I’m running out of idea on how to style those other post formats 😐

    We’re working of reorganising the theme’s code base for version 1.6, so maybe we’ll split that loop-post-formats.php file into multiple files. The only thing I don’t like about that is that it means we have to duplicate the common codes in order to apply them to all of the post formats, which adds up unnecessary work when tweaking/modifying/updating the codes.

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