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  • sylvia


    Trying to change the font characteristics of the text that appears in each post….just the content…not the date or category text or anything else.

    I used

    .entry-content p {

    When I put in a font size….it responds to my change. But when i put a new font in, such as times new roman… change…can’t figure out why! Do i have the wrong css selector?

    Prasanna SP

    font-family:"Times New Roman";}

    Prasanna SP


    if it don’t work on child theme styles, try adding in graphene options –> display –> custom css



    Thanks Prasanna!

    That worked! I was using “font”…..which wouldn’t work. But “font-family” does it!


    Prasanna SP


    That’s okay. If you want to learn more things, you can check it out – CSS Reference:

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