Post display As an icon broken in Safari

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    I use Safari when I need to change Graphene options (because Graphene options still freezes under Chrome).

    So I only just noticed this problem with Graphene 1.8.2.

    But it also exists in 1.8.1 (not sure about earlier versions of Graphene).

    When you set the “Post display as an icon” option, in Safari the text of the post name overlays the date icon.

    This happens with Safari 5 on Windows and Safari 6 on OSX Lion and IoS6

    I’ve tested Opera 12, Chrome, Firefox on OSX and the problem does not happen there.

    The problem does occur on the Chrome and Dolphin browsers on IOS6 (iPad), though not on Opera Mini

    Have a look at

    But look quickly because I can’t leave this problem visible on a production site and I’ll have to set the Post Display option to “As inline text”.



    A screenshot showing the problem is at

    I’ve been using the developer tools in Safari and Chrome to see if I could fix it using Graphene’s very handy custom CSS feature.

    So far, if I make a change that fixes it in Safari, it breaks it in Chrome.

    As I was unable to fix the problem, I have now changed the live site so it doesn’t display post date as an icon.

    Any ideas?


    Kenneth John Odle

    So far, if I make a change that fixes it in Safari, it breaks it in Chrome.

    It would be quite handy if you told us what those changes are. We’re already quite busy; please don’t make us guess or offer you suggestions that you’ve already tried.



    Good point and I apologise for not having given more details.

    In the meantime though I have discovered the problem was introduced by another plugin I am trialling, the All In One Event Calendar from Timely.

    In a CSS file from that plugin, /wp-content/themes-ai1ec/vortex/style.css

    I found this code

    .clearfix:after {
    display: table;
    content: "";

    When I comment out that code my Graphene layout problem goes away.

    So far I have not noticed any bad side effects on the Timely plugin, and I will report this to them.

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