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    I was playing around with the Post date display option in two of my posts to see what it looks like. Changing it to Hide date worked fine. The moment i wanted it to revert back however, (Use global setting) it stays hidden and the drop down option remains on Hide date.

    Is that supposed to work that way? So if you change it for a post you can not change it back?


    Kenneth John Odle


    No, it shouldn’t work that way. Try refreshing your browser cache.



    Ah ok, i refreshed cache, restarted browser, logged in logged out but it stays on Hide date.

    I change it to Use global setting and the moment i press Update, it goes back to Hide date.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling your plugins to see if that does anything.



    Disabled them all, refreshed but it’s still the same.



    I updated to version 1.8 today and now it’s working again. No idea why but hey, problem solved 🙂


    No idea why but hey, problem solved 🙂

    That’s some of Syahir’s magical pixie dust 🙂

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