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  • tech1231234


    In the new version of Graphene, how do I remove all of the customization to the post editor that was added in the new version of Graphene. For example when I add a post, I noticed the editor is different.


    Kenneth John Odle


    With 1.6, an effort has been made to make the post editor a more WYSIWYG experience.

    If this really bugs you, you could try uploading the old editor-style.css and over-writing the new one. However, you would need to do this again after each update.

    The changes to the post editor styles do not affect how your posts appear to your readers, however.



    Will the post customizations in the new version of Graphene affect or change any of my posts?



    Go to Graphene Options -> Display tab -> Miscellaneous display options

    Check the “Disable custom editor styles” at the very bottom of the box.

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