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  • fathima


    I want to put certain content of my post in a box like thing and give a background color. Can Table be used with 1 row, 1 column or is there any option?


    Syahir Hakim


    Just wrap it in a <div> element, and then style that element to have a background using CSS. Use tables only for tabulated data, not for presentation.



    I am sorry. I am poor in coding. Kindly explain in detail.



    Switch to text/HTML mode in post editor and use the div tag like this,

    <div class="bg-colour-red">Put some content here. This div which will have red background.

    blah blah blah


    And, this to Custom CSS

    .bg-colour-red {
    background: #FF0000;

    I am sorry. I am poor in coding.

    Start here –

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