Possible to disable summary of childpages at the bottom of parentpages?

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    When a page has childpages, you see a summary of those childpages at the bottom of the parent page. But sometimes I don’t want that. So I would like to be able to disable that functionality. Is that possible?

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    Your options for child pages can be found in Appearance -> Graphene Options -> Child Page Options

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    Ok, I’m sorry. I’ll think about it next time.

    That setting is for all childpages, isn’t it? Is there a way to disable is for only specific childpages?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You may be able to do this with CSS if you know the ID of the page in question.

    Not tested, but possibly something along the lines of

    .page_ID .excerpt {display:none;}



    This should work,

    .page-id .child-page {
    display: none;

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