Possible to adjust width options to 100%?

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    Currently I am using a one column format, and the total width of the page is 1200 px. I was hoping to be able to adjust the width to 100% with the main content making up 75% and the column 25%?

    Not sure where to accomplish that, I looked through the style.css but couldn’t find anything that looked likely, plus I wasn’t sure how it would affect my header, which I would also like to make 100%.

    My site has problems displaying on older monitors that aren’t widescreen, so I would like it to automatically fit to the size of those monitors, rather than being a set 1200 px.





    Kenneth John Odle


    What you are talking about is a fluid width, and no, it isn’t really possible to achieve this with Graphene.

    Newer monitors are widers, so by making the content fill the monitor, it becomes so wide that it’s almost impossible to read.

    The solution in your case is to either live with it (several of my sites look horrible on older monitors, but those monitors are also several years old), or to choose a narrower width (which may not be the way you want it to look on newer, wider monitors).

    I try to shoot for a middle of the road approach (right around 1000px), keeping in mind that no website will look the same on two different monitors, because of user settings and other factors.



    Ok thanks for the answer, at least it isn’t possible. I thought maybe I was just having a hard time finding it. Guess I will just live with it for now at 1200

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