Possible to add a second before_footer_widget ?

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    Hi All!

    I’m building a client site in Graphene w/ a static home page and homepage panes. I have a 2 column layout with one sidebar on the right. I have the footer widgets enabled with a 3-column layout. You can view the sandbox beginnings here: http://www.pointeultimatepublishing.com/title-gnv/

    I’d like to add a full width slider before the footer widgets at the bottom of the home page (and all the pages for that matter). I’m thinking that if I could put in yet another footer widget area that simply has one column (i.e. is full width) before the existing footer widget, that would accomplish the layout I’m after.

    Can this be done? Is it done with an action hook, maybe one titled ‘before_footer_widget’ action hook?

    Can anyone guide me on this? I know a little html and css — very little — but not afraid to try stuff if you think it should work. BTW, I have a child theme installed already for this purpose.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Syahir Hakim


    You can use the graphene_before_bottomsidebar action hook already available.



    Thank you for the fast reply, Syahir — there’s nothing quite like a “native guide” ;-D


    I’ve tried /experimented w/ ALL of the footer, header, page & post action hooks (about 20-ish) but never thought about the sidebar hooks being full container width — lol ! Should have known you already thought of this — gotta hand it to you, you’ve created an amazing, robust theme with so many customizations it’s unbelievable how well it all works together.

    Thanks again for such swift help, and double thanks for an amazing theme!

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