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    I’m using an action hook and a text box to place Adsense code in the header. That works, but the adsense is positioned at 0,0. I want to move it to the right side, basically centered. (working site at http://www.366deals.com. Just started today)

    I basically understand how the Custom CSS commands work, but the problem I always run in to is applying it to a specific widget.

    In other words, if I enter commands in Custom CSS to move the widget around, how do you identify that SPECIFIC text box widget in the header?

    I’ve read several scenarios where people were having trouble situating widgets and don’t remember this specific question coming up.

    I would appreciate any direction pointing you can give me.



    Kenneth John Odle


    WordPress assigns each text widget a unique ID. You can target it in CSS using that unique ID. Somewhere on my blog is a tutorial for that, I think.



    Found it on your blog. Reading now. Thanks!



    Kenneth, thanks for the info and the tutorial. Worked like a charm.

    For anyone searching in the future, here is the link to Kenneth’s tutorial. http://blog.kjodle.net/2012/04/14/target-graphene-action-hook-widgets-by-their-unique-id/

    Also, I have switched my primary browser to Maxthon, which has a built in developer tool screen. You just hit F12, and you can get the same info you would normally get on Firefox using Firefly!


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