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    Been new to wordpress and graphene i dont really know if i should be asking here or somewhere else so here goes and please correct me if im wrong asking here and i apologize in advance if so.

    I have a widget showing a image its a clickable image so my plan is to show a image every month changing it manually and link too, but i plan on creating a player page as such

    For example you click the image it posts a page and a profile or bio about that person, easy done just linking a page but my question is again dont know if its possible can i create a pop up page/sheet a bit like lightbox fancybox thingy when you click a image in a gallery it pops over the current page so you can view it and click the image again it disappears i have no idea what you call this pop up page effect

    On this pop up page a would like it to show a image and a profile text

    hope all this makes sense just seems much better than linking to a wordpress page

    anyway is this possible and if so what would i need to get or do please

    thank you


    Syahir Hakim


    Basically, you can do this using many of the Lightbox-type scripts. You will need to write custom codes implement those scripts to do what you want.



    Ok bad idea lol, thanks for the reply though

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